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Video Caring

It may seem like such a simple thing for you to video call your kids or grandkids, but it's more like rocket science to try to get your parents to do it. I couldn't convince my 83 year old mother to leave her phone on so

I could call her, so what do you think the chance of video calling was? Zero. When she was by herself at home, it was impossible to talk her into using a smart phone, iPad, computer or even a DVD player, let alone use Facetime or Skype. She lit up like a Christmas tree, though, when one of the kind caregivers made a video call to some of the great grandchildren so Mom could see them and talk with them. I share this story because we put video calling into the plan for care in the home whenever possible, purely because it is one of the most joyful activities we can provide. If your parents shy away from technology, you can use the kindness of a caregiver as a way to see those you love when you haven't been able to before. That's why I call it Video Caring.

This post is not just about caregivers with smart phones. It doesn't matter who it is that helps make the video call, nor should you wait to try this until a time when your parents are in need of care. Don't wait! However, if you can't figure out a way to make it happen, caregivers can be key to bringing elders and families together in the Video Caring world.

You can see the tears of joy when a your parent sees a newborn great grandbaby that they may never get to hold, and hears the cooing that baby makes vs a beautiful but silent photograph that arrives in a card. We see the smiles that last for an hour after a video call with a pile of giggling grandchildren calling just to say goodnight. You get to see that you parent is really doing ok instead of just hearing them say that they are. You can see what that red spot on Mom's foot looks like, instead of imagining how bad it may be while you beg her to see a doctor for 3 weeks. You can really look your Dad in the eye when he tells you he fell yesterday but he didn't get hurt and believe it this time. You get to show your parents that YOU are ok and they may worry a little less when they see it for themselves. You can see the house, every room, and talk to the caregiver about anything you want done while they are there. Through a video-calling caregiver, you can stop feeling so far away and so helpless.

Share Video Caring with your elderly family members from anywhere, at anytime.

See them. Hear them. See how happy they are when they see and hear you. Ready when you are!

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