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Our Homecare Services
  • COMPANIONSHIP – Having someone there, even just a couple of times a week, helps prevent the loneliness and isolation that elders sometimes feel but don't always share with their loved ones. A caregiver provides this kind of companionship. They are a shield against loneliness and depression. Having a caregiver come into the home helps with identifying the need for intervention before health declines become too difficult to recover from. 

  • TRANSPORTATION – We can get you where you need to go and are happy to assist you in and out of the car. There may be other options for transportation, but those may not be the best options if the driver can't help you get in or out of the vehicle. Some seniors have multiple appointments per week, so this service is a great benefit! 

  • ASSISTANCE – We help with activities of daily living (ADLs) like dressing, bathing, grooming, nail care, and skin care. We can help a little, or we can help a lot. The level of assistance required to help clients live safely and comfortably at home is what we provide. We can make recommendations on equipment and assist in obtaining what is needed to provide the care required. Whether you need minimal assistance or require total care, Amazing Grace Homecare can make it happen. 

  • RESTORATIVE EXERCISES – These exercise programs are designed to help seniors stay stronger, and more flexible, and help prevent pain or injury due to immobility. Having an assistant guide and motivate the client during the exercises is critical in accomplishing the goals of the program. If a physical therapist has given a senior a written home exercise program, we can help continue the program long after the senior has been released from therapy. This is a truly important time frame for ongoing programs because it helps prevent further decline and falls. 

  • MEAL PREPARATION OR DELIVERY – Our caregivers can get the groceries and cook meals or prepare them so they can be frozen and enjoyed later. This allows for more independence rather than resorting to TV dinners, AND we clean the kitchen after all the cooking is done! 

  • CLEANING AND ORGANIZING – Families are sometimes unaware of how long it's really been since an elder parent has been able to clean the back of the closet or the tops of the cabinets. While this is something we can do, it's not the most important cleaning that we do. We don't just clean, we disinfect as well. We protect out clients from infection and allergy symptoms, in homes that are just a little too much for the client to take care of on their own. The house doesn't have to be a disaster to be too much to handle.  

  • HELP MANAGING FINANCES – Sometimes the mail is overwhelming and important papers and bills get lost in the pile. We help by keeping the mail organized, tracking when bills are due, and helping clients stay on top of things with just a little oversight. For the child of the elder, that's really hard to accomplish from a distance, and it can get out of control quickly, resulting in loss of services or mounting late fees. 

Caregiver with elderly man
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