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In the Emergency Room AGAIN??

Updated: Nov 1, 2019


You just got home from the emergency room after another fall. You didn't break anything this time, but everything hurts. How many is that this year?



Now what?

What happens when elderly people fall? 

1. Millions of Emergency Room visits are made annually by people over 65 after a fall. 

Falls are the number one cause of death and injuries among older adults! According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 67% of fall fatalities suffered by people are over age 75.

2. Falls can lead to hospitalizations and disability. 

One out of five falls (that’s 20%!) result in a head injury or broken bone. Specifically, hip fractures effect hundreds of thousands of older adults every year. Every time a fall is suffered, the risk of falling again soon increases! 

3. Fall injuries can make it hard to stay active and independent. 

Over half of the elderly adults who are fall and break a bone are unable to return home and live independently. Worse yet, every time you fall, your risk of falling goes up for the future. so preventing falls is a great way to stay home longer!

4. Fear of falling may stop you from leaving the house

The less you move, the harder it is to do things you enjoy, or even daily activities like bathing, cooking, and shopping. Elders who stay home in isolation out of fear of falling may suffer from increased loneliness and depression.

What does this mean to Me?

There are some options to prevent repeatedly ending up in the emergency room. Having a home safety evaluation is critical in determining if

there are environmental factors contributing to the falls. Getting some physical therapy to assess your balance and strength may help too.

Having non-medical supportive care at home by professionals experienced and trained in fall prevention can make a life-changing difference by reducing falls and trips to the Emergency Room. Amazing Grace Home-care provides caregivers who are focused on preventing more falls and keeping you out of the hospital. Our goal is for you to stay home as long as you can while staying comfortable and safe.

Call us at (785) 259-6907 or go to to get more information Now!

Follow us to see our next blog covering signs that an elderly person is

falling at home and no one realizes it (it happens more than you can imagine!)

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