On this page, you will find all the quizzes we require employees to complete. Click each "video" box to watch the video first (it will open a new tab and take you to YouTube), then come back here and click the quiz box (it will take you to a separate site). Complete that quiz, then come back here and repeat the steps with each of the categories on this page.

You should have a copy of the employee handbook, if you need another you can grab it from our website, here.

If you need assistance, please email hr@agscares.com

Employee Handbook Quizzes
Communication Training

For the CPR/AED/First-Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens courses, you must send a screenshot of your results to HR. Before you take your screenshot, make sure you are scrolled all the way up to ensure the course name is in the image with the percentage complete (pass/fail). Also, you do not need to pay for these courses unless you wish to have the certificate for your own records. For the purposes of the company, we only need the screenshot.

If you chose to purchase the certificates, you will not be reimbursed.

Send the screenshots to hr@agscares.com

Transferring Clients
Proper Handwashing
How to take Vitals
Peri-care with Catheter
How to test Blood Glucose
Agitation and Anxiety
Home Safety
Proper Glove Usage
HIPAA: What's required?